About The Process

Each piece of Elissa Greer Jewelry is fabricated by hand, and thus unique.

The design process begins with fine gold, which is turned into a workable alloy through melting and integrating with small quantities of silver and copper. The percent of copper and silver incorporated determines the gold karat. Elissa Greer jewelry is made exclusively with 20 and 22 karat gold custom alloys.

Once the alloy is created, the gold is either pulled through a draw plate to make wire of a desired gauge, or milled to make sheet of a desired thickness. All Elissa Greer designs are fashioned from 20 and 22 karat gold wire and sheet.

Quality gemstones and precious beads from around the world, as well as ancient Greek, Egyptian, and Etruscan design, often provide the inspiration for this handcrafted jewelry.

A select number of custom pieces are created and added to the collection each year. Molds and wax carvings are never used.